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Alpacas and llamas belong to a group of animals known as South American camelids, which are descended from an ancient camel-like ancestor that migrated to the Americans millions of years ago. They were domesticated by the Incas and were used for meat, fleece, hides, leather, tools and fuel.
Alpacas weigh in at between 55 and 90kg and reach between 76 and 96cm (30-38in) at the shoulder.  There are 22 different shades of solid colour which means a wide range of fabric colours can be produced from the undyed fleece.  Alpaca fibre is one of the most luxurious fibres in the world.  It is soft and is renowned for its deep lustre, as well as its smooth handle.  The fibre is very fine with the best getting a score as low as 15-16 microns.  It is often described as a hard wearing cashmere and is used to produce high quality garments.  The average alpaca produces 2.4kg of fibre per year.
Alpacas are the most beautiful creatures with a natural ability, which has been scientifically proven, to reduce blood pressure.  We enjoy working and being with these animals.  We will warn you though they can become addictive!

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